Creating a Cookie Sensation . . .

That’s not what I set out to do, but if you’re going to cause a sensation, it turns out doing it with cookies is a pretty sure thing.

In 2003, I launched my catering company, CuisineStyle, in the heart of Silicon Valley. In the space of a year, I’d become a mother, left a full time job running a nationally acclaimed culinary center, and started my own business. I called it Kitchen Craft. I placed the only size ad I could afford, in the Palo Alto Daily for $263, featuring my photo and “skill set.” I took out a business license, ironed and starched my chef’s jacket, and hung my shingle. Those were humble beginnings. My very first gig paid $150. I took every single inquiry and said yes to every job.


For each event, I gave my clients a gift as a simple “thank you.” I chose to express my gratitude with a pretty, ribbon tied bag of homemade cookies. Fresh out of the oven, and laden with chocolate and cherries. The mere thought of cookies transcends every person I know to a happy place, so I knew these gifts were sure to please. Within our DNA, there lives a cookie moment or a sensation, an association that stirs indelible sweetness into our lives. In giving cookies to my clients, I wanted them to remember me with every delightful bite, long after we’d said our goodbyes.


My business grew, and Kitchen Craft became CuisineStyle. More clients called, and more cookie gifts were given. Soon, clients and their friends were asking how to purchase the cookies. My first official cookie customer was and is a dear client, who happens to be a hi-tech titan in the Valley. She treated every guest at her big birthday bash to a bag of my Choco-Cherry-Licious cookies. That night, I added “cookies” to my “skill set.”


With genuine modesty and surprise, I can say my cookie gifts have become a sweet business. We now have three signature cookie flavors, and another flavor in development. It all started with a gesture of thanks. Ten years later, our cookies are now available for purchase online. I’m proud to announce, the newest enterprise at CuisineStyle. How wonderful it feels to know my cookies are becoming a sweet sensation. Build it, or as I like to say, bake it, and they will “crumb!”

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