Spring is Here, and Strawberry Season Galore!


At CuisineStyle, we love entertaining all year round, but springtime is extra special because it’s strawberry season – ripe, juicy, sweet and delicious. Strawberries inspire our ideas for creating beautiful menus and buffet designs that show off our “berry-licious” creations.

There are so many scrumptious options for including strawberries in your spring menus. For our catered events, we blend them into cocktails and smoothies, toss them into salads, transform their perfumed sweetness into sauces and jams, and of course, we create glorious desserts.  One of our most popular spring desserts is Strawberry Shortcake, made the old fashioned way with cream biscuits. For your next party, try something different and treat your guests to a serve-yourself Strawberry Shortcake Bar.  From corporate events to weddings, and casual backyard parties, we know firsthand from our guests just how much they love the shortcake bar. The glory of this classic dessert is, it’s perfect any way you serve it – a simple presentation of biscuits, berries and whipped cream, or an elegant affair with Grand Marnier syrup and Tahitian vanilla ice cream.

The orange-zested biscuits are incredibly easy to make.  And infinitely superior to the packaged sponge cakes available in supermarkets.  For busy hosts, you can bake the biscuits in advance and freeze for later. Prepare the dough and drop it by the spoonful onto your baking pan. Once the biscuits are baked, let them cool. Hull and quarter the strawberries, and whip the cream with sugar and a bit of vanilla, to create a Chantilly Cream.

click-here-for-free-receipeTo create your shortcake bar, you’ll want to design a mouthwatering invitation that beckons guests to the dessert table. Select a favorite space or counter in your home where you can decoratively arrange the components of your shortcake bar.  Stack the baked biscuits on top of each other, piled high on a white platter, a woven, flat basket, or even a silver platter.  Choose a pretty bowl for the berries, filling it high above the rim so guests can see the heap of sweet fruit.  Do the same thing for the bowl of whipped cream. Finally, I love this touch – set out a pitcher of good quality chocolate sauce. Guests will love adding a drizzle of dark chocolate over their shortcake creations.  And be sure to make a very special serving for yourself.

Enjoy the applause. You deserve it. I hope you enjoy this wonderful dessert as much as I do.

Wishing you extra helpings of luscious sweet berries this spring, Pamela

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